Regional layout

One Platform
• Establish the most influential open medical platform in Beijing
Multiple Centers
• Combining location and market advantages, invest in high-quality medical institutions
• Establish regional healthcare centers in major areas, with key subsidiary healthcare institutions at the core, to realize two-way referral and graded diagnosis a
Two Core Regions
• Establish a northern medical area, with Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei as the core, and gradually radiating to Shandong, Jiangsu and other regions;
• Establish a southern medical area, starting from Guizhou and gradually radiating to Sichuan, Guangxi and

Industrial Distribution

Provide full-process health services

Based on physical medical institutions, combined with internal innovation and external cooperation, the whole process of "prevention, control, health care" and three-dimensional health service system are set up.


  • Medical school

  • Medical institutions

  • Private doctors

  • Private Insurance agencies

  • Overseas medical treatment

Innovation From Within

  • Internet + Healthcare

  • Independent Medical Center

  • Physics Groups

  • Research platforms


  • Prevention
    Health Management Center

    Transformation of the physical examination centers of its constituent hospitals to provide

    · Health maintenance

    · Functional medicine

    · Tumor screening

  • Control
    Foundational Medical Institutions

    More than 10 community health service centers and TCM clinics in Shougang Park offering

    · Chronic disease management

    · Family doctor

    · Home care

  • Treatment
    Comprehensive General Hospitals

    2 tertiary level hospitals, 2 secondary level  general hospitals

    · Oncology, cardiovascular/cerebrovascular, ophthalmology, TCM, burn treatment, and geriatrics

  • Rehabilitation
    Rehabilitation Center

    Planned rehabilitation center

    · Work-related injury rehabilitation

    · TCM rehabilitation

    · Neurological rehabilitation

    · Cancer rehabilitation

    · Orthopedic rehabilitation

  • Elderly Care
    Integrated Healthcare/Nursing Programs

    Collaboration with elderly care industry to provide

    · Geriatric ward

    · Hospice care and elderly nursing stations