Company Profile

Shouyi Healthcare was established by Shougang Fund. With the mission of “integrating medical resources and providing quality health services.” Shouyi Healthcare is committed to becoming a leading health industry platform in China.

  • Restructuring and acquiring hospital assets, and integrating large-scale healthcare industry resources.

  • Empower its constituent institutions through medical resources input, management output and development of brand culture.

  • Provide superior health services by expanding service scenarios, optimizing service quality, and improving service accessibility.

  • Leverage the group level advantages in resource aggregation, industrial coordination, and capital operation to achieve long-term growth.

Company Culture


Shouyi Healthcare was formally established

In Dec 2016, Shouyi Healthcare was established by the Shougang Fund and its strategic partners. With the mission of“integrating medical resources and providing quality health services.” Shouyi Healthcare is committed to becoming aleading health industry platform in China.


Started the merger and acquisition of Shuigang Hospital

In May 2017, Shouyi Healthcare and Shougang Shuicheng Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony. Shouyi Healthcare initiated the merger and acquisition of Shuigang Hospital, making full use of its own capital and medical resources to build it into a hospital with "college-specialty, strong comprehensive".


Completion of strategic cooperation with Tsinghua University

In Jun 2017, Shouyi Healthcare and Tsinghua University Hospital Management Research Institute reached a strategic cooperation to conduct extensive personnel training, consulting and employment cooperation; and in July 2018, it cooperated with Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg in the United States. The School of Public Health joined hands to successfully host the 2018 Tsinghua-Johns Hopkins University Medical Management Forum at Tsinghua University, which has become an important platform for promoting academic research and experience exchanges in the medical and health fields of China and the United States.


Initiated the merger and acquisition of Shougang Hospital

In Jan 2018, Shouyi Medical and Shougang Group jointly initiated the merger and acquisition of Peking University Shougang Hospital, and fully supported the development and construction of Peking University Shougang Hospital through medical resource docking, financial support, and management model optimization.


Shouyi Dechang established

In Mar 2019, Shouyi Dechang, a wholly-owned subsidiary initiated by Shouyi Healthcare, was established. Shouyi Dechang is an intensive operation service provider for the supply chain of medical institutions. It improves the efficiency of supply chain management of medical institutions by providing medical institutions with a systematic supply chain management system, advanced information solutions, and intelligent facilities and equipment, reduce the cost of purchasing medical materials.


Beijing Shouyi TCM Hospital came into being

In March 2019, in response to the joint call of the Beijing Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Shijingshan Government and the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, Shouyi Medical established the Beijing Shouyi TCM Hospital. As a platform for the international communication of Chinese medicine culture, Shouyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is also the first Chinese medicine cultural experience center with the theme of the Winter Olympics, and the first Chinese medicine clinic with characteristics of the Winter Olympics as its core.


Strategic cooperation with Peking University completed

In December 2019, Shouyi Medical and Peking University Medical Department reached a strategic partnership. The two parties will conduct extensive exchanges and in-depth cooperation on discipline construction, scientific research and teaching, improvement of comprehensive medical strength, and brand use.


Fight the epidemic, go with the wind and rain

In Jan 2020, a number of medical staff from Shuigang Hospital rushed to Hubei to participate in the front line of anti-epidemic; Shougang Hospital, Hangang Hospital and other hospitals sent medical staff to designated hospitals to carry out anti-epidemic work. Shouyi Healthcare successively provided free material donations to Liupanshui Municipal Government of Guizhou Province, Beijing Shunyi District Health Emergency Material Storage Center, other frontline medical staff and local governments, including medical masks, protective clothing, UV disinfection vehicles, and goggles etc, nearly 60,000 pieces.


Completed the merger and acquisition of Hangang Hospital

In Feb 2020, Shouyi Healthcare and Handan Iron and Steel Group formally signed a cooperation agreement on the merger and acquisition of Hangang Hospital. Hangang Hospital was officially incorporated into Shouyi's medical management system, further strengthening Shouyi's North China regional layout. Shouyi Healthcare takes Shougang Hospital as its flagship hospital, and forms the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Medical Network with Hangang Hospital, Kuangshan Hospital and Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, gradually spreading to Shandong, Jiangsu and other places and establishing northern medical districts.


Completed the merger and acquisition of Shougang Hospital

In Apr 2020, Shouyi Healthcare officially completed the acquisition and settlement of Shougang Hospital. In the future, Shouyi Healthcare will build Shougang Hospital as the flagship hospital within the group, and will build the northern medical district together with multiple hospitals.


Complete the merger and acquisition of the Kuangshan hospital

In Apr 2020, Shouyi Healthcare and Shougang Group jointly established Beijing Shougang Kuangshan Hospital Co., Ltd. in Beijing, realizing the reorganization and restructuring of the Kuangshan hospital. In the future, Healthcare will build the Kuangshan hospital as the most intimate and high-quality medical and health service provider for the families of Shougang employees and surrounding people in Tangshan area.